Dragon Egg 28

28. Battle on the edge

I confirm my remaining stamina.

Race: Plague Kid Dragon
Status: Slow (Big)
Lv: 22/40
HP: 32/116
MP: 43/113

Okay, it’s possible to proceed.
I can endure the next blow.

Using the impact of the Great Vase Turtle’s tackle, I’ll escape crossing over until the other side of the cliff with [Flight].
There is only that to escape from this trouble.

I use roll and changes my direction to head towards the cliff.
The Great Vase Turtle chases after me.

Okay, I’ll just eat 1 more blow!
After that, it’s goodbye for a while.
I’ll come again if I become strong enough to send it flying with a blow.

The Great Vase Turtle rushes at my body in front of the cliff.
Although I’m frightened by that force, there is also no escaping at the current speed, and I’m blown off the cliff almost without resistance.

Alright, I’ll survive.
I spread my wings and fly over the cliff without a foothold!

A difference from my plan occurred here.
I had underestimated the effect of [Hi-Slow].
Although I had accumulated repeated understanding of that magic’s unpleasantness, it surpassed my expectation by a long way.


The Great Vase Turtle probably guessed my intention of spreading my wings and releases even more [Hi-slow].
I was hit by the purple light directly without being able to avoid.
But even if my speed was repeatedly lowered here……was what I thought, but the Great Vase Turtle stretched out its neck to pursue me who had opened my wings.

It plans to pursue me who have already prepared my posture to fly in the air.

My HP is dwindling.
I’ll die if I’m bitten directly. I definitely have to avoid a direct hit.
I should be able to endure it if I’m grazed.
If this is evaded, I can run away.

Spitting out [Baby Breath] to raise my flying speed, I move my limbs recklessly.

I was able to just barely dodge the blow of the Great Vase Turtle thanks to the acceleration from [Baby Breath].
However, the nails of my feet was caught at the tip of the Great Vase Turtle’s mouth.
The nails of my hands that I was moving recklessly caught the rims of the Great Vase Turtle’s eyes.

Crap, even though it was good that I survived, but I can’t fly like this!

I try to move my hand and foot in order to remove the nails that were caught, but it doesn’t move an inch.

The Great Vase Turtle swings its neck in order to fling me from its face.
I struggle my limbs while wishing that I can come off too.
I fired [Baby Breath] with all my power to tear off the meat and escape, but it had no effect at all as the meat was too tough.

Probably at this point, the Great Vase Turtle’s objective would be to remove me rather than revenge for its kind.
It was an enemy, but our purpose was identical.
However, that is not fulfilled.
If I compromise and return to remove my nails thoroughly, there is no reason why the Great Vase Turtle will not take the chance to attack.
Therefore in the end, I have no choice but to play an unproductive tug-of-war.



Due to the disadvantage of the difference in body weight, I compensate by continuing to spit out [Baby Breath] with all my power.
Hold on, my MP!

[Lv of normal skill [Baby Breath] increased from 3 to 4]

Tear it off! Come off! Tear it!
Come off! Come off! Come offfff!

My breath doesn’t last.
It’s agonizing. Still, I cannot stop the [Baby Breath] jet.
I only have this.
If I stop the breath, I will be dragged to the side the Great Vase Turtle is standing on at that moment, and killed as it is.
There is no choice but to continue [Baby Breath] with the feeling of dying now.

[Resistance skill [Oxygen deficiency resistance: Lv1] obtained]

Alright! I can still do it more with thissss!
I’ll tear off the skin!



It’s possible! I will win!
I can drag that huge body to this side!
Now, tear off! Or come off! Whichever is fine, release me!

[Lv of normal skill [Baby Breath] increased from 4 to 5]

It came! It leans towards my side even more!

[Lv of resistance skill [Oxygen deficiency resistance] increased from 1 to 2]

[Title skill [Grit: Lv1] obtained]


It’s dragged towards my side steadily.
And yet, it’s totally caught and doesn’t come off.

While in that way, the Great Vase Turtle that leaned forward too much to the cliff lost its balance.



Part of the ground that the Great Vase Turtle stepped on collapsed, and its huge body hangs on to that facing down.
And as a result of that, my nails which were hooked onto the Great Vase Turtle broke.
GAAAaaaa! It’s extremely painful!

My body that was freed from the shackles, flew backwards as I was until the other side of the cliff in one shot like a pachinko.
As the effect of [Hi-Slow] has just weaken, the force was tremendous.
When I noticed, my back had stiked against a tree on the other side of the cliff.

He, He he……Did I escape?


The screams of the Great Vase Turtle echos in the surrounding.
N? Did something happen?

[Gushaa], I heard the sound of something being smashed in the distance.

[288 Exp obtained]
[Due to title skill [Walking egg: Lv-], an additional 288 exp was obtained]

[Lv of [Plague Kid Dragon] increased from 22 to 30]

[Title skill [Big game eater Giant Killer: Lv1] obtained]

[Lv of normal skill [Status inspection] increased from 4 to 5]
[Information related to items obtained and nature monster confronted can be investigated]

I try looking at the other side of the cliff.
The figure of the Great Vase Turtle wasn’t found.
But, the part of the ground that it stood on collapsed.

Come to think of it, just now the ground……Eh?
Did that guy fall off?

Clapping my cheeks, I revitalized my hazy consciousness.
I walked to the cliff and look down at the bottom.

It seemed to have crashed against the rocks peeking out from the river, and there was the figure of the Great Vase Turtle that has turned into remains there.
……Well, well, it was all right in the end.
There is attachment to the cave from before, should I return to the other side if that fellow died?
I want to collect the meat of the vase turtle too.

For the time being, should I confirm my status since my level went up?

Race: Plague Kid Dragon
Status: Normal
Lv: 30/40
HP: 8/140
MP: 10/137
ATK: 129
DEF: 110
Mana: 120
Agility: 109
Rank: D+

Characteristic Skill:
〖Dragon Scales:Lv2〗〖God’s voice:Lv3〗〖Glisha Language:Lv1〗
〖Flight:Lv2〗〖Dragon Scale Powder:Lv1〗〖Darkness Attribute:Lv–〗

Resistance Skills:
〖Physical Resistance:Lv3〗〖Fall Resistance:Lv4〗〖Hunger Resistance:Lv3〗
〖Poison Resistance:Lv3〗〖Solitude Resistance:Lv4〗〖Magic Resistance:Lv2〗
〖Darkness Attribute Resistance:Lv2〗〖Fire Attribute Resistance:Lv1〗〖Fear Resistance:Lv1〗
〖Oxygen deficiency resistance:Lv2〗

Normal Skills:
〖Roll:Lv4〗〖Status Inspection:Lv5〗〖Baby breath:Lv5〗
〖Whistle:Lv1〗〖Dragon Punch:Lv2〗〖Plague Breath:Lv1〗
〖Poison Fang:Lv1〗〖Paralysis Poison_Claw:Lv1〗〖Dragon Tail:Lv1〗
〖Roar:Lv1〗〖Star Drop:Lv1〗

Title Skills:
〖Son of Dragon King:Lv–〗〖Walking Egg:Lv–〗〖Clumsy:Lv4〗
〖Just a Fool:Lv1〗〖Infighter:Lv4〗〖Pest Killer:Lv3〗
〖Lie Spitter:Lv2〗〖Evasion King:Lv1〗〖Relief Spirit:Lv4〗
〖Tiny Hero:Lv1〗〖Path of Evil:Lv3〗〖Disaster:Lv1〗
〖Chicken Runner:Lv2〗〖Mister Cook:Lv1〗〖King of Meaness:Lv1〗
〖Grit:Lv1〗〖Big Game Eater Giant Killer:Lv1〗

Ugh, my HP and MP are mostly empty.
A little more and I would have been killed by the Great Vase Turtle, being unable to spit breath anymore.
Dangerous, dangerous.

But as expected, I sure do grow when cornered, yea.
My skill level is progressing well, and I was able to see the next evolution that had seem would take a while.
……Although I want to increase areas such as [Relief Spirit] or [Tiny Hero] until the next evolution.

But I didn’t pick up [Art of Human Transformation] at all.
Because there is still 10 levels until the next evolution, can I pick it up during this period?
I will seriously cry if I become Lv Max uneventfully.

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29 thoughts on “Dragon Egg 28

    1. I do not have the time to translate as my work has been rather busy, due to it being the end of the year. Thus anyone who is able to can feel free to pick it up. If nobody does, I will update as and when I’m able to.

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  1. Keep it up I love this light novel I’m tired of Night novels were the main character of losing their humanity what’s the point of them being reborn as a monster if they lose themselves


    1. in his defense he tries to take the slow grind style

      but he has terrible/good luck

      rock dragon was helping “friends”/the first humans encountered
      wolf pack attacked him because they thought he was easy game
      spider attacked him first and was very persistent
      turtle and maggots attacked him in hordes because of overlooking the impact of calling for help skills
      gigant turtle is the same it arrived because other vase turtles called for him

      he has stated repeatedly that he prefers to hunt monsters that are either one or two hit kills
      mostly because he doesn’t want to die what is quite understandable


  2. lol, he’d better be raising his skills before evolving!
    But I guess the turtle meat will rot one day and he’d have to hunt for meat.
    He should [Status Check] if his hunt have a skill to call for comrades though, or else this will just repeat again…
    Come to think of it, other monster doesn’t have [status check]. Wouldn’t it mean a lot of them dies hunting such monsters (turtle and worm)?


    1. *rips mask off of GM’s host and then puts on the mask in an attempt to have a battle of wills to see who will win[did it for the lulz]*

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      1. *Shows deadlybell a mental image of him being sandwich by Hentai Kamen and Hard Gay naked!*
        『Let my mental assault to my new host begin, now begining to break his mind. ( •̀ω•́ )』

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        1. *resists it* hah you need to try harder my friends tried to break me with worse than that once that and naturally being on the net one tends to see things they wish to unsee lol

          *shows the mask a mental image of him and neptune doing ecchi stuff to break his concentration*

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          1. (º﹃º )

            『No!!! Must resi-sist….』
            *controls host body to take him to the deepest part of the world without net nor any gadgets to use*
            『Try enduring this, wahahahahah』
            *adds a undestructible 360゜barrier to imprison you.*

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            1. *twists the world around me into a inescapable labyrinth* silly mask this inner world is mine not yours…. enjoy wondering this maze without end….. who knows if your lucky you will find the nepu doll i his somewhere inside

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              1. 『Looks like I’m trap….』
                *Mask worn by deadlybell looses it’s power and starts to crumble*

                *somewhere in the depths of the Hyperdimension….*
                【iИi7i4+iИG ®ЗЬ00+ $ЗQµЗИCЗ 】
                *one of the many mask floating on a capsule tank starts to shake and shined brightly*
                【Ь00+iИG C0мP1З+З ⓓ】
                『Nepu!!! That was close…. His mind was like a Millenium Puzzle maze…. I will now start calling him Millenium Maze (such a chuuni name)』
                *Starts to look for a new host body…*

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      1. half -right, in any case it wont be useful til he becomes stronger. This chapter was good .. at least it wasn’t like the fight vs the spider that lasted 5 chapters . . seriously author .. why !?!? ALso just because hes not in the road to kill the demon lord-plot .. doesn’t mean the story has no plot at all !! seriously sighs in this kind of story the plot comes later for now enjoy the ride~


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