Legend 5

Story 0005

In spite of the huge trees extending upward surrounding the building, the refreshing morning light shines in for some reason. The surrounding air was extremely clear partly due to the  morning. It will be the perfect place here if someone wants to take a stroll through the woods. ……but, only if you can reach here.
Ray who took a step out from such a building verified the state of his surroundings.

“According to Zephyr’s knowledge, the barrier stretches to a radius of 100m with this building as its center…..I suppose.”


Set nods to Ray’s words.

“And that means that it would be the paradise for monsters even if I take a step out of that barrier. …….Are the preparations fine?”

He shifted the Death Scythe on his shoulders to his right hand so that he could use it anytime.


Set raises a growl that is filled with fighting spirit. Thinking of relying on that, a person and a beast advance. And walking for about 3 minutes, something like a thin film is seen spreading out from the laboratory.

“Is this the barrier? Although I’m nervous about leaving as expected……at any rate, it has been decided that I’ll starve to death if I don’t leave here.”

That’s so, with the food expecting to last about 10 days already depleted with breakfast this morning. Naturally, it was Set who was ready to move to protect Ray at any time who was watching the surrounding cautiously next to Ray that had finished consuming the 10 days portion of food in 2 meals,
Properly speaking, there were several bread remaining for Ray to eat himself in the forest, but it was in Set’s stomach as he was defeated by Set begging for the bread with its sorrowful eyes in hunger.

“……Well, but it’s fine. I have to start working to earn money as soon as possible considering the food expenses after this. If that’s the case here, it’s an adventurer after all?”

According to Zephyr’s knowledge, although adventurer’s guild appears to exist, there seem to be no guild branches if it’s not quite a large town. In other words, he have to pass through this forest as soon as possible and head to a large town in order to earn his own and Set’s food expense.

“If I only think about Set’s meal, I wonder if it would be fine to just eat the meat of any monster defeated.” Fortunately, although it’s higher than average, because Set is a magical beast that converts everything it eats into mana for absorption, there is no need to worry about toilet.

However, the question of what to do about Ray’s living expenses in that case turns up too. Although it would be acceptable to think that there is also the method of selling the horn, claws and skin, parts that Set doesn’t eat which can be used as some kind of material, it seems to be the best method of activity in the end apart from heading to a town with an adventurer’s guild and becoming an adventurer after exiting from this forest if that’s so. There is the possibility that a reward could be gotten separately too.
Ray who solidified his determination once again, took a step towards the outside world with Set.

“Uwa, are you serious?”

What was felt as soon as he took a step out of the barrier, was the crowded presence of living things overwhelmingly. Before becoming Ray, Reiji lived in a rural town in the north east. There is naturally mountains and rivers nearby. It was also not that unusual to see animals such as rabbit, squirrel, deer, monkey, fox, raccoon dog and wild boar. If one goes to the heart of the mountain, one will occasionally even spot a bear from a distance. However, the numerous presence Ray felt was overwhelming, in comparison with that too.

“Moreover, should I say it’s expected of the different world?”

Plants such as grass and trees surrounded the circumference of the barrier in order to conceal it. There were many things near those that he was seeing for the first time even for Ray who lived near close to the mountains.
While inhaling the fresh air of the morning, he began walking in the forest with Set.
As expected, as it was left alone for hundreds of years too, there are no path that appears to be a road. Although it was not to the extent of being hard to walk through the openings with adequate spaces because the numerous large trees growing so tall that one has to look upwards, but in the case of Set who exceeds 2m, there is a feeling of being a little narrow at times, and it growled in frustration with the depth of its throat.


Set comes this way and rub its face while moving its wings lightly. It seems that it wants to move by flying through the sky without being obstructed by these annoying things on the ground
He muttered as if to persuade it while scratching its head firmly.

“Calm down. Though I thought I had said it yesterday too, the dragon kind also lives in this forest. We will be made into breakfast easily if we fly in the sky.”


Set droops its shoulder to Ray’s words dejectedly. Although its body is big, but its patience is still insufficient as its still the second day after birth.
After going out from the barrier for about 30 minutes. Although that’s the way it is, when it’s decided, Ray who put on the speed increasing Sleipnir’s shoes and Set who is a griffon advances in the forest with considerable speed. And while like this, Ray took notice of the tree bearing a red fruit-like thing a while ago. Moving until he is in front of that tree, he reaches for the fruit growing on the tree and picks it.

“I wonder, Set. Do you think you can eat this?”

He asks Set with the fist-sized red fruit in his hand that appears to be similar to an apple at a glance too.


However, Set naturally could not have that distinction and was merely puzzled.
Ray stares at the red fruit together with such a Set. But, a smile was shown immediately as if he had hit upon something.

“It’s time to use Zephyr’s knowledge when it’s like this.”

He drew information on the apple-like fruit in his hands from Zephyr’s knowledge.

[Clara’s fruit]
A kind of fruit in the forest. The flesh is sweet and sour, and delicious. However, caution of the surrounding is necessary for the place where clara’s fruit is discovered as there are lots of monster and beast that likes the fruit due to its delicious taste.

Reading that explanation, Ray’s face stiffen.

“Crap. Set, let’s leave here for now. This fruit is……”


Although ray started departing the place at once, Set who was a step slower raised a vigilant growl looking at the right side of the forest.

“……Was it too late? But well, it can’t be help if it’s said that nothing can be done. Will it become Set and my food obediently?”

Ray who collected himself as though he switched his mindset in an instant, prepares the Death Scythe after stowing the Clara’s fruit he was holding into the Myste Ring.
Although the person in question did not notice it at ll at that time, there was neither excessive fear of combat nor hesitation in Ray’s mind.

“Now, what came out? Although I’m glad that at least a monster did not appear, and it’s a wild animal if it’s a wild boar.”

Although it was a wish that couldn’t even be called a wish like this, he was betrayed by what was making an appearance sluggishly, that seem to be a bear with a body length of 2 meters at a glance. However, it seems to be a monster rather than a wild animal no matter how he thought about it, as the bear appears to be clad in water on top of its fur.


For several seconds, Ray and Set and the bear in front of their eyes stared at each other soundlessly.
Its size is a little less than 2 meters, but it feels even larger than Set in proportion to it’s wide length. It possess an obviously sturdy body, and water is worn on that fur at the same time. In addition, sharp and long claws of about 30cm extends from both paws, and gives it an ominous feeling. Why doesn’t the water on the of the fur on the head fall? Was what Ray thought, but it was the water bear (tentative name) in front of their eyes that broke the silence like it was natural.


While giving a roar which resounded in the surrounding region, it rush towards Ray and Set getting on all four.

“Tsk, so  have no choice but to do it? Set, do it!”


Understood, Set gave a piercing sound as it saying that, and went out ahead to meet the attack of water bear. Ray continues setting up the Death Scythe after that too.


The water bear realizes that it’s prey isn’t running away and is coming towards itself, and swings its sharp claws down at Set matching it’s speed of movement while bearing its fangs that are 10cm long.


Set evades that blow by jumping horizontally.
Kicking the grown tree that it had jump over earlier, it swiped the sharp forefoot of an eagle towards the trunk of the water bear that misses its attack from the trick of a triangle leap.
Ray confirmed it fleetingly that the tree used as Set’s footing had broken with a conspicuous sound, and gave a wry smile to Set’s physical strength while preparing the Death Scythe. ……However, not the blade, but with the shaft similar to what appeared before. At any rate, there is hardly space to swing the 2 meters long scythe around in this forest freely. Therefore, it seem that he decided to try to use the shaft portion as a spear.


The water bear swings it’s claws aiming at Set once again, while giving an anguished cry having received a cutting  blow due to Set’s talon.
That attack was evaded by jumping backwards. The water bear who missed its attack lost its balance and staggered……and Ray thrusts the shaft of the Death Scythe, aiming at the flank of the water bear as though he was piercing that space!
While making a dull sound, the shaft of the Death Scythe pierces its flank as though it completely ignored the fur and water covering the water bear.


Even thought he lightly frown to the feeling of penetrating the meat with a [Gunyuri], Ray who saw the water bear raising its right paw overhead pulls out the shaft of the Death Scythe with all his might before the blow landed and took a distance. The moment the shaft was pulled out, blood ran down and splatted on the grass growing nearby, but the water bear doesn’t mind it and swings its claw down brutally.


The water bear was shocked to be injured by the small creature in front of its eyes and growl out of irritation, but that wound was not a small matter. However, it’s a wound that might not be a fatal considering the vitality of a monster.
Despite observing such a water bear, Ray was not able to hide the surprise in his heart at his own physical strength. After all, what was thrust, was only the shaft portion of the scythe. Naturally he did not think that there was power in that blow he released to go through the body of the water bear as there was no blade.

(The physical ability of this body seem to be higher than expected.)

He confirmed the state of the water bear while muttering in his heart.


But this time, it was Ray’s turn to be surprised. The side of the water bear that should have been penetrated by the shaft, is regenerating at a visible speed as soon as it was covered by the water. In the 10 seconds that Ray had stiffen from the shock, the blood flowing from the wound of the flank had stopped, and the wound itself has vanished too.

“Do I say as expected of a monster……in other words, there is no choice but to give a blow with a huge damage so that there is no time for it to recover.”

He cast a fleeting glance at the blade portion of the Death Scythe, but suddenly realized.

(Damn. I forgot that there was the ability to increase Death Scythe’s power if magic was drained. As expected of the nervousness in my first battle……nervousness?)

Thinking to that point, he finally noticed his level of nervousness. Although he was tense, a thing such as being unable to move his body due to nervousness frequently done by amateurs and new recruits in novel did not happen.

(Is this the result of fusion too?)

Despite thinking like that, he peeks at the state of the water bear which was starting to hesitate over who to attack.

(Although the card presently on my hand with the highest offensive power is the Death Scythe, it’s difficult because there is not much space to swing it around freely in this forest. Having said that, it’s also foolish to consider using fire magic within the forest.)

While Ray was thinking in his head too, it has become a deadlock without being able to move carelessly between the 1 man and 2 beast.
If the water bear attacks Set, it will be stabbed by Ray in that interval, and conversely Set will attack in that interval if Ray was attacked.
As for Set and Ray, they feel that it’s meaningless to attack pointlessly as a blow that perforated its flank could completely recover in about 10 seconds.
In fact, mana was consumed in the case of using recovery even if water is covering the body of the water bear just now, but Ray did not notice this as it was his first battle. Though the means that can be taken is numerous if he had noticed it.



Set and the water bear both growled to daunt the opponent. While looking at that appearance, Ray was wrecking his brain desperately.

(What to do, do I try swinging the shaft portion while passing mama through for better or worse? I should probably be able to cut down the bear together with neighboring trees if its the physical ability of this body. …….No, I ought to make such an action similar to gambling as my last resort. On the other hand, the other method is…..using fire magic with the resolution for it to become a fire? That would be no good. There is the possibility of it becoming a fire that would be no laughing matter in this case considering the extent of this forest stretching out from my knowledge. ……No, wait. Fire? Fire magic? The shaft of Death Scythe……!? I see!)

Ray collected himself in an instant after that idea came to mind, and calls out to Set who was glaring at the water bear.

“Set, please break the posture of that water bear once again like just now! I can do something afterwards if that happens!”


Leave it to me, making a loud sound as if saying that, Set walks around the circumference to gather the awareness of the water bear on itself.


As expected, the water bear doesn’t ignores that appearance, and gradually directed its awareness away from Ray and towards Set.
How long would such a time last? Although that confrontation was lengthy and slow for Ray, it would only be several minutes in reality. The water bear who could not patiently endure the state of the stalemate gave a loud roar.


At the same time of that war cry, the water that was attacking the fur of the water bear surfaced, and changed into 3 small water orbs in front of its eyes. And in the next moment, those water orbs shot out towards Set.

(It’s here!)

Ray who judge this to be the turning point of victory and defeat, concentrated his consciousness at the state of Set and the water bear and gripped the shaft of the Death Scythe while preparing to chant an incantation at any time, watching attentively to the outcome of the bout.
As if tearing through the air, 3 water orbs were fired by the water bear. Set confirmes that, and weaves through the space in between numerous trees to shorten the distance.


One of the water orb hits a tree that was used as a shield for Set and gouges the trunk.


Set avoided the water orb trying to gouge at its head by lying on the ground. The water orb passes over its head and collided on the tree behind, scattering its trunk together with water at the surrounding.


From the state of lying on the floor, Set charged forward making use of the spring in its whole body. Aiming at the water bear, the distance was rapidly shortened.
That appearance feels like its trying to deal a blow to the water bear before the last water orb hits itself.


……and like this, it was seen by the water bear. And as a result of that, the water bear gave a war cry of victory. But.


Changing its course in the air, the water orb swoops down from above aiming at Set’s body. Just before that blow strikes Set’s body, it smashed up abruptly as if something obstructed it completely.


The water bear doesn’t understand what happened. And that is natural too. Being one of the bracelet worn by Set, the water bear is a monster and doesn’t know the limitation of the [Bracelet of wind manipulation] to nullify offensive magic and all projectile weapons just once in 10 hours. Thus.


Set which dived into the arms of the water bear inflicts a blow to try and trip the water bear before its’ eyes with its right forefeet.


Scooped under its feet literally, the water bear tumbled over there and then. That situation was due to its increased physical strength by another bracelet Set was wearing, the [bracelet of herculean strength].
Placing his trust in Set, Ray who was watching over the development started running towards the water bear while chanting a well polished incantation the moment it fell.

[Flame, thou shall become a snake. Consequently, burn down my enemy thoroughly to your heart’s content.]

According to the incantation filled with mana, the world is rewritten. And as a result, Death Scythe which is a magic activation body gathers flame……



Completing the incantation at last, the shaft of the Death Scythe pierced into the back of the fallen water bear once again.

[Dancing flame snake!]

The moment the spell was completed, a snake made of flame was released from the shaft of Death Scythe and ascended while burning the insides of the body from the back of the water bear to its head…….


With its brain burning and raising a scream filled with agony and terror, the water bear collapsed on that spot.

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In view of comment stating that my translations are not accurate (enough), I will be dropping this project. Although as far as I know, there isn’t a big deviation from the story line.

Guess you know why most of the translators don’t do translations for the fans now, and rather just do it for themselves.

Anyone interested can continue to read the story on this site. https://silenttl.wordpress.com/legend/

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